Rockwell Direct Primary Care is an innovative practice model that improves healthcare quality while also reducing costs. Both employers and individuals are embracing DPC, which removes the “middle man” (i.e. insurance companies) from the relationship between patient and physician. By doing so, there are no third party insurance companies driving up costs or controlling doctors’ medical decisions. Therefore, the patient’s best interest is the number one priority – not insurance companies or the government.

Rockwell Direct Primary Care, an affiliate of Access Healthcare Direct’s national network of physicians, delivers comprehensive primary care services through a simple and affordable fixed monthly fee. No co-pay. No deductible. No prior authorizations. No insurance required.

What Types of Patients Benefit from DPC:

• Uninsured patients
• Patients with insurance but who do not want to wait extended periods of time to see a physician in their network
• Patients with high deductible plans

Should l have insurance if I go to a DPC Practice?

We encourage people to have insurance to cover catastrophic costs that can be associated with health care like hospitalization and surgery. However, this model makes primary care affordable even if you do not use insurance. For patients that do have insurance, they can still come to this type of practice, sometimes even for less out of pocket expense than going to a practice that takes and files insurance.